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Short trad. leather trousers

Hardly any clothing has to show a longer history than the leather trousers. Their way led across the simple leg dress up to dinner fashion. We show you a large selection of leather trousers, all from high-quality leathers. A special color desire, or an article in another quality, can in most cases also be sent. Contact us, we make your wishes becoming reality

Sporty Montgomery leather trousers

759,00 EUR incl. tax

Kochelsee Hirschlederhose from Meindl

1.459,00 EUR incl. tax

Short leather trousers from Meindl.

1.398,00 EUR incl. tax

Short trousers Ebensee from Meindl.

1.298,00 EUR incl. tax

Short trousers Salzburg from Meindl.

1.578,00 EUR incl. tax

Leathertrousers Andechs from Meindl.

1.168,00 EUR incl. tax

Short leather trousers from Meindl.

1.238,00 EUR incl. tax