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meindl for men

Traditional leatherhandicraft. The processing costs are high and take much time and know how, untill a red deerskin becomes such a fine leather. The producer "Meindl" cooperates only with tannings, which operate this handicraft still traditionally. Tradition obligates! The world got used to Meindl quality. Look at our side, it needs no word!!! For more detailed information click on the pictures!!

Jacket Dawson for men from Meindl

1.309,00 EUR incl. tax

Ronny Jackett for men from Meindl

1.489,00 EUR incl. tax

Race deerleather jacket from Meindl.

2.069,00 EUR incl. tax

Traditional jacket for men.

568,00 EUR incl. tax

Deer leather vest Russbac from Meindl

1.254,00 EUR incl. tax

Jacket Dawson for men from Meindl

1.848,00 EUR incl. tax

Essex Shirt for men from Meindl

1.519,00 EUR incl. tax

Gustav linen jacket from Meindl.

729,00 EUR incl. tax

Gustav Canvas Jacket from Meindl.

725,00 EUR incl. tax